St. Teresa of Calcutta gifted the world with her witness to Jesus Christ’s thirst for the salvation of souls. She wrote “We have these words in every chapel of the MCs to remind us what an MC is here for: to quench the thirst of Jesus for souls, for love, for kindness, for compassion, for delicate love.” Co-founding the Missionaries of Charity Fathers, Fr. Joseph Langford, MC was intimately familiar with Mother Teresa’s spirituality. In 1986, he wrote “I thirst for you”, a mediation on the thirst of Jesus that is at the heart of the Missionaries of Charity.

“…when you give Me your sins, you give Me the joy of being your Savior”

The chaplet is an excellent prayer form to facilitate meditation. The repetition of parts of the prayer allows the message to work its way from our head to our heart. Fr. Langford’s prayer challenges us to see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus Christ. In our woundedness, this is often difficult. By praying each decade, our Lord’s words become louder and louder, and it becomes more difficult to disregard His words. The contents of this chaplet are Fr. Langford’s. Deacon Ryan has re-arranged them, grouping them into 5 decades, with only minor modifications to re-establish coherence in this new form. Written by Fr. Langford, inspired by Mother Teresa, arranged by Deacon Ryan Sales, one who prays this chaplet will be certain the voice speaking is Jesus Himself.

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