A message from Deacon Ryan:

Yes, I need your support. There, I said it. I’ve had so many conversations about this with Anna. I have never wanted to discuss money in relation to my ministry. We have argued with supporters, stating again and again that we did not want to receive financial support. I was working full time and we were “comfortable” financially. Pride crept in as well. We have always been the ones to help others out. We are the givers.

Then, we made the decision to take care of my health and finally close the door on my 25 year career in public safety. There went the financial security. Now I am balancing the obligation to support my family with the costs of my ministry. We trust in the providence of our Lord, but that doesn’t mean we can just sit still and wait for it to start raining $20 bills.

Then we listened to Fr. Mike, who so humbly states that while no one is charged for the content he produces, it does in fact cost money to make that content, and he gently appeals for supporting that endeavour.

So, how can you help? Well, there are a few ways. First and foremost, please pray for me. Very simply, please pray for my ministry. That’s it. If you stop reading here, you have given me the greatest gift.

However, if you want to keep reading, there are a few more ways you can support me.

  • If you would like to support me financially on an ongoing basis, I have a Patreon account. Note: right now, to keep the fees low, I don’t have “tiers” and all the other fancy stuff that others have.
  • If ongoing support isn’t possible, I can receive one time payments via PayPal. Paypal also has the option for monthly payments if you prefer this platform.

If you decide to support me financially, thank you. Please note that I am not a registered charity, just an individual trying to respond to the Holy Spirit. Please ensure you only support me from your excess.

Other non-financial ways you can support me:

  • You can ask your priest or organization to have me as a speaker or retreat leader.
  • Follow my accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and Clubhouse and then get your friends to follow as well. Liking posts, sharing YouTube videos, etc allows me to avoid spending money on advertising.

Thank you so very much. Now let’s pray!

Dcn Ryan Sales